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Sixers Vs. Wizards: John Wall, Evan Turner Square Off In Washington's Home Opener

The Washington Wizards will become the last team to have their home opener when they take on the Philadelphia 76ers tonight at the Verizon Center. The matchup should be worth the wait. John Wall, the dynamic No. 1 pick, will square off against No. 2 pick Evan Turner tonight. 

In that sense, this will be among the best matchups between two winless teams that you could conceive. The Wizards, of course, are 0-2, with losses on the road to the Magic and Hawks. But the Sixers are even worse. They have an 0-3 record, having fallen to Miami, Atlanta and Indiana. Turner has been pretty solid, but the pieces don't appear to fit particularly well. New coach Doug Collins has already informed his players that the roster does not have a single guy with a winning record in the NBA. I'm not sure why he did this, but the fact alone is damming. 

Gilbert Arenas will not play for the Wizards with an ankle injury. Wall will go, despite his own ankle issues. We will have more on the game all night here in this StoryStream.