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Looks Like Donovan McNabb Knows How to Run the Two-Minute Offense

Looks like the phrases "cardiovascular endurance" and "understanding of the two minute terminology" are ones that Donovan McNabb, Mike Shanahan and the rest of the Redskins probably don't have to hear for the rest of the season.

McNabb was responsible for driving the Redskins into field goal range twice running the two minute offense he supposedly doesn't know well. And while the Redskins could not cash those efforts in with Graham Gano field goals, they certainly can't blame their embattled quarterback for that.

Before the half, the Redskins had the ball with 29 seconds left, and McNabb then went 4 for 4 for 28 yards in that time to set Graham Gano up for a 47 yard attempt. On the second two minute drive, the Redskins were given the ball with 1:37 left with a chance to win the game, and this time, Rex Grossman was nowhere to be found. McNabb instead was 5 for 6 for 44 yards to set up the would be game-winning score. Had Gano made the winning field goal, the story would have been about McNabb's suddenly improved cardiovascular endurance.

Mike Shanahan was asked about McNabb's sudden ability to run the two minute offense after the game, and perhaps he spoke for the whole team when he answered: "I guess we don't have to talk about that anymore".