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Georgetown Vs. N.C. State: Charleston Classic Final Tied At Halftime

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The Georgetown Hoyas enter this game ranked No. 20 in the nation, but they could leave it ranked No. 1 in Charleston.

Just two days after the Hoyas dominated the Wofford Terriers in the semi-final match, they have reached the Final, where they'll take on ACC foe NC State. The Woflpack defeated George Mason in a close contest on Friday to reach the Championship game.

Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe gives us a preview of the Hoyas on Yahoo! from his team's perspective.

"They are a very good team, with great players," Lowe said. "They are experienced, and play with great composure. It will be a great test for us, but that is what we are here for. We are here to play against the best, and that will be the case on Sunday."

The two teams are all tied up after an exhilirating and high-scoring first half. Hollis Thompson of the Hoyas leads all scorers with nine points following a first half played evenly between the two young teams.

We could be in for a good finish in Charleston as both teams surely want to return home bearing a trophy.