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NFL Scores, Week 11: Recapping A Very Busy Sunday In The NFL

Just in case you were stuck at the supermarket all day yesterday while your significant other picked out the perfect turkey (not near perfect, not almost perfect .. I'm talking the perfect bird) I'll recap every game that happened in the NFL so far this week below.

Thursday: Bears 16 Dolphins 0

Every time I see a Bear score I have the Same reaction, "Boy am I ________ glad the Skins didn't trade for Cutler!" This week the adjective to fill in that mad-lib is disappointed.

Bills 49 Bengals 31

This, ladies and gentleman, is why they play the games. What appeared to be the worst game on paper heading into the week ended up being one of the most entertaining. Whodathunkit?

Lions 19 Cowboys 35

The Cowboys are now 2-0 under interim head coach/franchise jesus Jason Garrett. The good news for Skins fans is that even with those two wins the 'Boys still only have three. It's a good year so far.

Redskins 19 Titans 16

Graham Gano for the win ... No! Gano for the win again ... Yes!

Cardinals 13 Chiefs 31

The Todd Haley Bowl. The Chiefs coach earns a big win against the team he used to be the offensive coordinator for in a game that meant little else to anyone.

Packers 31 Vikings 3

Is this it? Could this possibly be the last time we saw Brett Favre on the field for a meaningful game? Is the long national nightmare over? Part of me is kind of bummed that one of the all-time greats has to end his carer this way. The rest of me believes in karma.

Texans 27 Jets 30

Jets up big, then the Texans come back to take the lead late in the fourth. Sanchez leads a last minute drive to win the game with about ten ticks left. I can't tell if the Jets are any good or not, they keep winning, but they wait until the last minute to do so every game.

Raiders 3 Steelers 35

Did everyone see Richard Seymour hit Big Ben in the mouth? Good times ...

Ravens 37 Panthers 13

I know it was his biggest career opportunity to date, but it really just wasn't fair to get him off the couch and throw him into the fire against the Ravens. He was over matched and the final score reflects that.

Browns 20 Jaguars 24

The Browns forced about a million turnovers but just couldn't capitalize. Between the style of play and the jerseys that both teams wear, this was an ugly one.

Falcons 34 Rams 17

Did anybody even know that this game was on?

Seahawks 19 Saints 34

Drew Brees threw four touchdowns and the Saints beat a team that I really don't think is as good as they have been playing so far this season. It's shocking that the 'Hawks were the team leading their division when this game started.

Buccaneers 21 49ers 0

Can you name a more disappointing team in football this year than the 49ers? Ok so the Cowboys. And also the Vikings I suppose. Ok so they're top three, but that's a pretty brutal three teams.

Colts 28 Patriots 31

For a second there it looked like Peyton manning was going to being the Colts all the way back and win this thing. But there are two things Peyton does in late game situations, win them, or throw a back-breaking interception. I know he's the man, but it's true (Super Bowl last year, to name one). Today he did the latter.

Giants 17 Eagles 27

The Eagles just keep rolling along. If it isn't Michael Vick, it's Lesean McCoy (who happened to win my fantasy match this weekend). The Eagles are still two games ahead of the Skins in the NFC East.