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Brad Childress Fired As Vikings Head Coach One Week Before Game Against Redskins

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The Redskins next game against the Vikings just got a little bit more interesting. Maybe all the attention will be shifted from the Redskins and onto the Vivkings, because they just fired their head coach Brad Chilldress and named defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier the interim coach just one week before heading to Washington to take on the Skins. 

Chilldress spent the offseason trying to lure Brett Favre back to Minnesota for one last shot at the Super Bowl, but that all blew up in his face. The Vikings have been an absolute mess this year; on the field, in the locker room and even in their post game press conferences. He lost the locker room a few weeks ago, and finally lost enough games for the Vinkings owner to pull the trigger on firing him.

The Redskins have the distinct pleasure of hosting the Vikings just six days after they make the move. The Skins are coming off a hard fought victory over the Titans, and should have somewhat of an advantage considering that Childress ran the offense and that will change the way the Vikings play. Either way, this is likely our last chance to see Brett Favre on the field against the Redskins, so drink it in, and boo him vigorously if you feel so compelled.