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Fantasy Football Tips: How The Redskins Skill Players Performed Against The Titans

The Redskins got a win this weekend, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they contributed to a win for you. Let's recap how all the Redskins' major offensive threats performed for you this week. Point totals from Yahoo with standard scoring.

  • Donovan McNabb, 376 yards 1 TD: 18.44 pts. McNabb played pretty well against a defense that has proven to be pretty stout so far this season. 18.44 is not the best score in the world for a quarterback, but it wouldn't lose you a game. And if you were counting on McNabb to win the game for your team this week, you were already in trouble.
  • Keiland Williams, 68 rush yards 27 receiving yards: 9.5 pts. Williams put up a pretty good amount of all purpose yards, but you need your running back to get into the end zone for your team to be successful. That's just the way it is. Williams got more points than I thought he would get this week, but his lack of a touchdown really hurt the owners that had to start him this week.
  • Santana Moss, 106 yards 1 touchdown: 16.60 pts. You can see the difference between getting a touchdown and not getting one. Moss only put up about ten more yards then Williams did, but he got into the end zone. That separates a day that could hurt your lineup, from a player helping your team get a win. If you started Moss and saw that he put up 16.60 pts, you wouldn't regret playing him.
  • Chris Cooley, 91 yards: 9.1 pts. Like he has done all season long, Cooley got a pretty decent amount of yards, but failed to get into the end zone. His line is similar to Williams' in impact on your fantasy team, but it comes from a far less important position to have production. You can afford to have your TE put up only 9.1 points. Not the best week we've ever seen from him, but it won't kill you. 

Even though the offense struggled at times, the major contributors on offense still managed to put up acceptable numbers.