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Morning Commute: Games With John Wall Just Feel More Exciting

I watched a few Wizards games while John Wall was sidelined with a foot injury and they were largely forgettable. I know it's only been one game, but now that Wall is back, I think the Wizards have earned back some of their potential audience.

Games with Wall just seem more exciting. If it's not one of the two dramatic overtime wins against the Sixers, it's rooting for him to get the last rebound to complete a triple double. When he's off the court, you're really just rooting for him to get healthy more than anything else.

And I don't think it's just a coincidence. I know that Wall didn't produce the two overtime periods all by his own self, but I think free throws coming from him at the end of a game to send it into overtime are more interesting than any other player taking those shots.

For Wall, I saw it as somewhat educational, a way to gain valuable experience in a late game situation. For any other player, they're just free throws.

It's definitely a creation of my own mind. I believe Wall is going to have a great career, and I want to take in each little part of it. I'm planning to enjoy closely following every aspect of his ascension. When he isn't on the court, I don't have the same reason to watch. This must be how Bulls' fans felt after Jordan broke his foot in his second year. Not comparing Wall to Jordan, but to me he brings that type of excitement. 

I'll watch a game with him on the sideline, I just prefer seeing Wall in uniform.

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