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Washington, D.C. Sports: The Cure For Dysfunction

None of the four major Washington sports franchises have won a championship since the Redskins' last Super Bowl victory in 1991. But do not fear, D.C. sports fans! Within the past two days, Washington teams have found their new calling: quelling the turmoil of teams going through coaching struggles.

On Sunday, the Redskins welcomed the Minnesota Vikings to FedEx Field in Minnesota interim coach Leslie Frazier's debut. Despite all of the inner strife within the Vikings' organization, including Brett Favre's injuries and misuse of cell phones, Randy Moss' failed return and catering criticism and a disappointing 3-7 record, the VIkings still beat the Redskins 17-13. All is now well in Minnesota for now.

The Wizards did one better on Monday against the underachieving Miami Heat. The Heat, in the midst of a slide where they had lost four out of five, were starting to unravel. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was on the proverbial hot seat (no pun intended) and had a pre-game meeting with LeBron James to discuss things, such as the bump that James gave Spoelstra during a game against the Dallas Mavericks. There was no such trouble Monday when James led all scorers with 30 points in a 105-94 victory over the Wizards.

Perhaps the Wizards took their talents, along with the rest of Washington's sports teams', to South Beach. Those talents being helping coaches keep their jobs.