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Randy Moss Claimed Off Waivers By Tennesee Titans: Washington Redskins Do Not Submit A Claim

When the Minnesota Vikings shockingly released Randy Moss, we submitted three reasons for the Redskins picking him up. Noting his big-play ability at a position the Redskins desperately need a jolt from, it seems like Moss was at least worth considering. However, it turns out the Redskins did not feel the need to get him.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, the Tennessee Titans are the team that has decided to claim Moss off waivers. The Titans were behind the Redskins in waiver priority, meaning the Redskins decided not to make an attempt to claim him. ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed the news, and Chris Russell of ESPN 980 confirmed that the Redskins did not make a claim for Moss.

Clearly, the Redskins decided that Moss' baggage wasn't worth the trouble, despite his talent. At 4-4 in a wide-open NFC, and with only an eight-game commitment, it seemed like there wasn't much risk to getting Moss, but the braintrust decided that maintaining a good culture was more important than a short-term fix.