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Fantasy Football Tips: How The Redskins Players Performed Against The Vikings

I'm not really a fantasy football expert, but I masquerade as one on SB Nation. Let's be honest, nobody is really a fantasy football expert. Everybody is just kind of guessing out here. Having said that, you don't have to call yourself an "expert" to know that the Redskins players probably didn't get you a ton of points this weekend. Let's run it down, scoring via Yahoo.

  • Donovan McNabb, 211 yards 1 TD 1 INT: 10.73 pts. Quarterback might not be the position where you get the greatest number of points, but it needs to be your most consistent. You need the guy under center to be getting you 15 points each week. Anything more is gravy, but you can't really live with less. McNabb had a pretty invisible game, and 10 points isn't helping anybody. 
  • Keiland Williams, 5 yards rushing 21 yards receiving: 5.6 pts. In a word, notsogood. Moving on. 
  • Santana Moss, 5 receptions 40 receiving yards: 7.75 pts. Did anybody on this Redskins team have a good individual performance? I'm just looking for one guy to have more points than he was projected to have, is that asking too much?
  • Chris Cooley, 5 receptions 49 yards: 8.65 pts. Apparently that was too much to ask. There wasn't a player on the Redskins who would have stood out as a difference maker in a fantasy football win this week. Each player had an average to below average day, and they looked pretty bad in doing so.

Well there you have it. The Skins couldn't get a win on the field, and if you had any of them on your personal fantasy team, they didn't help you very much there either.