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Ralph Friedgen Has Been Named ACC Coach Of The Year

Last year at this time, Ralph Friedgen was a lot closer to losing his job than he was to getting any kind of postseason accolades. At just 2-10, it seemed the like the Terps were a long way away from being relevant in the ACC. But Coach Friedgen guided the Terps back into contention, even controling their own destiny as late as two weeks left in the season.

For that, the ACC has named Friedgen as their Coach Of The Year, according to CSN.

According to @CHICKatCSN Ralph Friedgen has been named ACC Coach of the Year.less than a minute ago via web

As a Maryland fan and alumnus, I'm proud of what Friedgen has been able to accomplish this season. I was as ready to write him off after the last season as anyone, and it's great to see him bounce back so quickly. He worked the Terps back into relevancy and did so faster than anyone could have imagined. Sounds like Coach Of The Year material to me.