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Channel Surfing Guide: Nov. 4, 2010

College Football

7:30, ESPN: Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech. Savvy viewers who want an authentic experience plan on watching tonight's game in black and white and distorting the audio to make tonight's game sound like it's being played in 1923. That way, it will seem more natural when neither team attempts a forward pass.

7:30, ESPNU: Buffalo vs. Ohio. The Bills are getting really desperate for a win.


8:00, TNT: Knicks vs. Bulls. On Sunday, fans at the Superdome set a record for the most Halloween costumes in one gathering. Tonight, Knicks and Bulls fans will join forces in an attempt to create the largest gathering of fans who were a bit too eager ordering customized LeBron James jerseys for their favorite teams before The Decision was announced.


8:00, ESPN2: San Jose vs. New York. Think homefield advantage doesn't matter in soccer? If tonight's game was in San Jose, the Earthquakes would be playing tonight's game in seventy degree weather with clear skies. Instead they get to take on the Red Bulls tonight with temperatures expected to be in the forties with a good chance for some chilly rain tonight as well.