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Bruins Vs. Capitals: Washington Hopes To Extract Revenge Against Boston

If we really think about it, all this angst over the Washington Capitals' supposed slow start comes back to two games that took place over a month ago. Those two games were against the Boston Bruins. In the third and fourth games of the season, the Bruins beat up the Capitals 3-2 and 4-1, respectively, demonstrating a supposed blueprint of how to beat the Capitals.

Now, the Capitals will have their chance at revenge. They will take on the Bruins tonight at 7 p.m. at the Verizon Center, as they look to build on some recent impressive performances. The Capitals will be mostly healthy, with Tom Poti coming back from injury and Mike Green at full strength now, so this is their chance to top a team that's given them issues this year. 

The Bruins' success against the Capitals is very much due to goalie Tim Thomas. The Capitals must solve that riddle first and foremost. However, they also need to find a way to get good shot attempts, something that didn't happen in the first two games against Boston. If they can, they should find more success. 

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