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Wizards Vs. Knicks: Gilbert Arenas Makes His Season Debut In The Big Apple

Do you care about Gilbert Arenas anymore? Maybe, maybe not, considering the Washington Wizards are clearly John Wall's team. Nevertheless, for one night at least, Arenas will be the story. As we noted earlier, he will make his return to the court tonight against the New York Knicks after missing the first three games of the season with an ankle injury.

Arenas will not start the game, but he figures to play a big role. It will be interesting to see how many minutes he plays in general and how often he shares the court with John Wall. Bullets Forever writes that this is a good night for Arenas to debut.

Playing against a Knicks team that isn't as good defensively as their early-season numbers indicate and is tired from last night will be a good thing.  Arenas should be able to get open looks -- though unsung rookie Landry Fields is a good defender -- and if he is aggressive, he can get to the rack on these guys.  The Knicks go for a lot of blocks, which should suit Arenas' style well, assuming he's healthy.      

For more, visit Bullets Forever's game thread here. The game can be found on CSN+, and it begins at 7:30 p.m. The Knicks have solved the asbestos problem that caused Wednesday's game against the Magic to be canceled, so the game tonight will take place at Madison Square Garden.