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Morning Commute: So This Georgetown Team Is For Real, Right?

Preseason rankings don't really mean anything. The Hoyas were ranked in the top 20, but there isn't any way to know if that is accurate until they start playing the games. North Carolina was ranked in the top ten preseason, and they've lost three games already. We just don't know what we have until we see them on the court.

So far, Georgetown has looked like they deserve the number 14 ranking they own. They're 7-0 and the win on the road over a top ten Missouri team validates that record. This isn't just a good early season win, this is something we'll be able to look back on when we're trying to figure out seeding for the tournament as a key win. If this is a preview of what we'll be able to see from the Hoyas for the rest of the season, it looks like they'll be pretty good.

Austin Freeman is everything we thought he would be. 31 points on 11-17 shooting in a hostile road environment is the exact type of thing that makes you a Big East player of the year candidate. And he got a lot of help too. Chris Wright with 21 points, 10 assists and the game tying three pointer at the end of regulation. And Jason Clark chipped in 26 points of his own.

After Greg Monroe left we were asking how the Hoyas would replace his production. With their offensive three-headed monster, it appears as though they've done so. It might not be the same type of team that fan got used to watching last season, but I think they've proven that they can be just as effective.

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