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World Cup 2022 Host Announcement: Washington D.C. To Host Viewing Event Tomorrow

On Wednesday, delegates and representatives from the different Nations in contention converged on Zurich, Switzerland to explain why their nation would be the best candidates to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. FIFA, Soccer's international governing body, will announce the host Nations on Thursday.

England is considered a near lock to host the 2018 games, while America is the favorite to land the event in 2022 over the other finalists, Japan, Qatar and Australia. Washington is one of the city's that will be eligible to host games at Fedex Field. There will be a free viewing party held at the Newseum (at Pennsylvania Ave and 6th St. NW) on Thursday with doors opening at 9 a.m..

America sent over two of our biggest guns to help sway the voters; Morgan Freeman and Bill Clinton. Freeman to wow them with a speech, and Bubba to presumably take them out for a beer after the hearing. With those two on our side, I don't really see how we can lose. And wouldn't they also make up the best buddy comedy you've ever seen? Somebody needs to write that script.

We'll be updating this StoryStream as soon as the announcement goes official. Everybody cross your fingers!