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Army Navy Game: SB Nation Previews A Game That Will Be Won On The Ground

We have an excellent College Football staff over at SB that cover anything and everything NCAA pigskin. They're all over this weekend's Army Navy Game, and have posted a pretty good preview of the game. It confirms what we already suspected, this game will be won on the ground.

Hard not to love these stat sheets: Navy's rushing offense is the nation's 5th-best, its passing game 118th. Army's ground game is No. 9; its aerial attack No. 120. Dual-threat quarterback Ricky Dobbs made it through the season without being grievously injured, which is a big deal for a Navy quarterback, playing in 10 of 11 games, and the Mids haven't played a down of competition since November 20, so you know they're poppin' fresh. Navy's favorite target for the ball besides Dobbs himself is running back Alexander Teich, but if the battle goes ill, they can turn to his arm if they must: In two games this season (Louisiana Tech and Duke), Dobbs has rolled up 200 passing yards or more. Only in two other games this season did he crack the 100-yard mark. If Navy does take to the air, receiver Greg Jones will be the guy to watch.

For Army's part, the Knights hold an unassailable stranglehold on the All-Name quarterback position with TRENT STEELMAN (must always be written in all caps) behind center. The key matchup on this side of the ball will focus on he and fullback Jared Hassin against killer Mids linebacker Tyler Simmons.

If you like knock-down, drag-out, leather-helmet-wearing football played the way that the creators intended, you'll love this game. They might go the entire course of the game without attempting a single forward pass. It will be like watching Leatherheads, except without having to overcome the hurdle of buying George Clooney as an old timey football player.