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Buccaneers Vs. Redskins: Skins Face The Bucs In First Game Without Albert Haynesworth

He isn't on the team anymore, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that Albert Haynesworth is the dominant topic of conversation when the Redskins host the Buccaneers at Fedex Field on Sunday at 1 p.m..

In addition to the Haynesworth situation, the Redskins will also be trying to bounce back from their horrible performance against the Giants last weekend. Overall, this is not a very good time to be a member of the Redskins. And it doesn't really get all that better with a suddenly resurgent Tampa Bay Bucs squad. The Bucs come in at a very surprising 7-5, with second year quarterback Josh Freeman under center. They are young, fast, and they play hard. Which could be a recipe for disaster if the Redskins come out even the slightest bit flat.

We'll update this StoryStream with relevant news and updates about this game as they become available.