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Army Navy Game: Navy Gets On Board First With Field Goal After Sloppy Beginning

The Army-Navy Game began erratically for both teams. Navy's Ricky Dobbs fumbled on the second Navy play of the game, and Army's Jared Hassin followed suit on Army's second play. But eventually, the Midshipmen settled down, driving down the field for a 36-yard field goal by Joe Buckley to take a 3-0 lead.

After the fumbles, Navy got the ball at their own 47-yard line. They wasted no time making a big play, as Dobbs completed a 36-yard pass and run to Aaron Santiago that brought the ball down to the Navy 22-yard line. However, the drive stalled there. After a three-yard run on first down by Alexander Teich, Dobbs through two incomplete passes, one to Gee Gee Greene on second down in the end zone on a ball that Dobbs threw too low, and one to Teich on third down. That forced Navy to settle for the 36-yard field goal.

Army got the ball back, but immediately went three and out and had to punt the ball to Navy. Navy has the ball now on their own 19-yard line.