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Army Navy Game: John Howell Catches 77-Yard Touchdown To Give Navy A 10-0 Lead

We think of the Army-Navy Game as one that features a lot of running with the triple option. However, thus far, Ricky Dobbs and Navy have been able to beat Army with the passing game. That happened again on that last drive, as Dobbs completed a 77-yard bomb to John Howell to give Navy a 10-0 lead.

The route was really a simple fly pattern. On second and six, Dobbs and Navy called timeout to set up the play. Howell ran a straight route from the right side to the left side and just outran the Army defenders. Dobbs had plenty of time and showed off his remarkable arm in putting the ball right on the money. Howell was able to pull it in and outrun two Army defenders to get the touchdown.

The play showed off the biggest difference in the two teams. One is a running team only. The other, with a guy that was a darkhorse Heisman Trophy candidate before the season, is fully capable of beating you over the top in the passing game. Navy has come out throwing, and Army hasn't been able to adjust.