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Army Navy Game: Navy Takes 17-0 Lead On Brandon Turner's 32-Yard Touchdown Catch

Both teams have done a good enough job of shutting each other's running game down in the 111th edition of the Army-Navy Game. One team has been able to pass the ball. The other has not.

That one team is Navy. After completing a 77-yard touchdown earlier in the game, Ricky Dobbs added a second, throwing a beautiful 32-yard strike to wide receiver Brandon Turner to give Navy a 17-0 lead. Army actually covered the play pretty well, but Dobbs threw a strike to Turner, sneaking it between the coverage to get the touchdown. It's why Dobbs was considered a darkhorse Heisman Trophy candidate before the season.

Navy was able to move the ball well on the drive. Aaron Santiago had a 23-yard catch and run on the drive, and Alexander Teich had a 15-yard run as well. But it was Dobbs who made the biggest play on the drive.

Army had a chance to get a touchdown, but a long pass was overthrown by two yards. That has been the difference in this game thus far.