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Army Navy Game: After Fumble, Malcolm Brown Gives Army Its First Touchdown In Four Years

Army needed something to go right if they wanted to get back into the game in the 111th edition of the Army-Navy Game. Luckily, they got a little bit of a break. After Navy's Ricky Dobbs fumbled the ball trying to hand it off to his running back, Army got the ball on the Navy 23-yard line. Six plays later, quarterback Trent Steelman found Malcolm Brown wide open in the end zone for a five-yard touchdown, cutting Navy's lead to 17-7.

The fumble happened during a routine exchange. It's not the first time Navy has messed up the handoff to the running back in this game, which is kind of shocking. Nevertheless, they nearly kept Army out of the end zone. The Midshipmen forced two third downs, one a third and one from the 14-yard line and the other a third and two from the five. But both times, Army was able to do enough to pick up the first down, scoring a touchdown on the latter play.

It's the first time Army has even gotten into the end zone in this game since 2006. Naturally, the Army sidelines went crazy after it happened, in a truly wonderful moment. We now have a ballgame folks .