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Army Navy Game: Navy Takes 24-7 Lead On 98-Yard Fumble Return

It looked like Army was truly going to get back into the game in the 111th edition of the Army-Navy Game. They capitalized on another Navy fumble, driving all the way down to the Navy three-yard line. But then, disaster struck.

While trying to fight for the end zone, Army quarterback Trent Steelman lost the football on top of a pile. Wyatt Middleton recovered on top of the pile and took it back 98 yards for an improbable touchdown for the Midshipmen. Navy now leads 24-7 and has stolen all the momentum Army seemed to have.

The difficult part for Army is that they did their job on the drive. They methodically moved it up the field on the ground, converting a fourth and 1 at one point to keep the drive alive. Had they scored, Army would have cut the lead to 17-14 and had the ball at the beginning of the second half. Instead, they now trail 24-7, despite forcing two Navy turnovers on fumbles. That has to sting.