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Army Navy Game: Army Gets Long Field Goal To Cut Lead To 24-10

The good news for Army is that they got points on their first drive of the second half of the 111th Army-Navy Game. The bad news is that it was a field goal.

But at least it went in. Alex Carlton was faced with nailing a difficult 42-yard field goal, but it went through, cutting Navy's lead to 24-10. That's good for Army, who desperately needed some positive momentum after such a bad close to the half.

That said, it could have been even better. Army was marching down the field and was inside the red zone, but quarterback Trent Steelman took a very bad sack on second down, losing 10 yards. Army had no choice but to run a conservative play on third and 22, and luckily, they were at least able to get three points out of a 12-play drive.

Navy now has the ball looking to continue to pour it on. They have not been particularly proficient offensively, but they've done enough to take a 24-10 lead.