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Army Navy Game: Gee Gee Greene Seals It For Navy With 25-Yard Touchdown

There wasn't much doubt that Navy would defeat Army as the clock ticked down in the fourth quarter, but Gee Gee Greene just sealed it. Greene took a pitch from Ricky Dobbs and raced outside for an easy 25-yard touchdown, giving Navy a 31-10 lead in the 110th Army-Navy Game.

The run punctuated a game-clinching drive that killed nine minutes and three seconds off the clock. Twelve of those 13 plays were rushing yards, as Navy used their ground prowess to kill clock. After showing off their deep passing game earlier, the drive had to be demoralizing for Army. Ricky Dobbs and Alexander Teich did the heavy lifting inside, allowing Greene to burst outside for the score.

With a three-touchdown deficit and only a little bit of time left in the fourth quarter, you can probably close the book on any Army comeback. Ever since Wyatt Middleton's 98-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown, Navy has dominated the game. Army can take solace in the fact that they got a touchdown for the first time in four years.