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Army Navy Game: Malcolm Brown Catches Second Touchdown, Cuts Navy's Lead To 31-17

Well, hold the phone. Maybe Army has a small chance to make an improbable rally in the 111th edition of the Army Navy Game. Malcolm Brown, who got Army's first touchdown in the series in four years earlier in this game, caught another touchdown pass, this one from 45 yards, to cut Navy's lead to 31-17. Unfortunately for Army, they were unable to recover the onside kick, meaning Navy will take over with four minutes left to go in the game.

The play occurred just a couple plays after Navy lost Wyatt Middleton to an injury. Middleton limped off the field, and Brown was able to run right past his replacement for the touchdown. Trent Steelman, who missed an Army receiver deep earlier in the game, found Brown this time, and Brown easily took it to the house for the score.

Army needs a miracle to somehow win this game, but regardless, they should feel proud about the fact that they competed against Navy for the first time in years.