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2010 Military Bowl: Maryland Sells Their Allotment Of Tickets

In the days after the Maryland Terrapins were passed over by marquee bowl executives because of concerns about whether their fans would travel, a new concern was potentially there: would they even travel a few minutes south to watch the team in the Military Bowl at RFK Stadium.

Apparently, that's no longer a concern. The Terps were selling tickets well before Ralph Friedgen was fired, and now, they've sold the full allotment that was given, according to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

Who knew the Military Bowl would be so compelling? I'd tweeted earlier that the bowl has become a Shakesperean play.

Maryland says it has now sold out its public allotment of Military Bowl tickets. That means more than 8,700 tickets were purchased and/or donated by the public through the school's ticket office for the Dec. 29 game versus East Carolina. 

Friedgen's expected departure probably accelerated the selling of those tickets to a certain degree. Now, this game is more than just your run-of-the-mill bowl game. It's the end of a decade-long era of Maryland football.

Friedgen is expected to make his first public comments since the firing on Wednesday at a pre-Military Bowl press conference, though that hasn't been finalized.