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2011 NFL Draft: Who The 'Experts' Have The Redskins Taking In The First Round

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In advance of the NFL Draft, everybody is an expert. They are so sure that team x is going to be taking so-and-so, and then the Jacksonville Jaguars go ahead and take Tyson Alualu in the top ten. Trying to predict the NFL Draft, especially at this point in the season, is kind of fool's errand.

But with nothing else to play for, it's kind of fun to look ahead and see who some people think the Redskins might be taking in April. In all honesty, it's all we have. So let's see some of the contestants. You can tell how early this is in the process because none of these sites have the Skins drafting in the same spot. Let's take a look.

The guys over at Football's Future have the Redskins picking tenth and selecting A.J. Green, the talented WR out of Georgia. Here is what they had to say about him.

The Skins offense needs help, and Green is just what the doctor ordered. He is the best playmaker available in the draft, and his ability as a go to weapon and playmaker will open up the rest of the offense.

A.J. Green would be an awesome pick for the Skins, but I can't imagine that he'll still be on the board when they pick, even if they're picking a few spots ahead of where these guys have them. He's just too good to wait around any longer than the first four or five picks.

Chad Reuter's NFL Mock Draft at CBS has the Redskins taking Jake Locker, the quarterback out of Washington, with the eighth overall selection. His rationale:

Donovan McNabb can't possibly stay in Washington after the way this season has ended. Mike Shanahan might see Locker as another Jay Cutler, but with better athleticism and intangibles -- and will believe he can turn him into an NFL quarterback.

Locker's stock has dropped considerably since he was considered the top prospect in the draft a year ago. At eight I think he would be a little bit of a reach, and even though the Skins really need a quarterback, you need to take the best available player in this slot. Unfortunately, the quarterbacks I think they'd like to take in the top ten, Andrew Luck, Ryan Mallett and Cam Newton are all off the board.

Finally, Scott Wright's Draft Countdown has the Skins drafting at 13th and picking Oklahoma St. WR Justin Blackmon.

The wide receiver position is a mess in Washington, due in large part to former second round picks Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly failing to live up to expectations. The Redskins have made no secret of their desire to add a top-flight playmaker to the passing game and if they are unable to fill the void with a proven veteran they may look to take advantage of what should be a bumper crop of pass catchers in the draft.

Blackmon would be a nice addition, as he is a big body that would compliment the diminutive receivers that the Redskins currently employ. But he would be a good pick in this range, and the Redskins figure to be drafting a little bit higher after their recent struggles.

We'll know more about who should be a good pick when we know where exactly the Redskins will be drafting. But these are a few names to keep in mind.