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Pro Bowl Voting: LaRon Landry Tops NFC Strong Safety List, Despite Injury

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LaRon Landry is evidently a very popular player. Despite playing in just nine games thanks to a season-ending achilles injury, and despite being beat by DeSean Jackson embarrassingly to start an Eagles beatdown of the Redskins on Monday Night Football, Landry ended up being the NFC's leading Pro Bowl vote getter among strong safeties. 

Via Matt Terl of Redskins Blog:

Fan voting for the Pro Bowl has ended; injured LaRon Landry finishes as the leading vote-getter for NFC strong safety.    

Landry finished with 208,112 votes, according to an NFL press release, which was good enough to get the win. It's not clear who finished second, but as of last week, Landry had a significant vote advantage over Arizona's Adrian Wilson for first place. Landry's season-ending achilles injury will probably keep him out of the game, but it's a major accomplishment for a player who improved under new defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. 

No other Redskins players finished in first place in the voting at any position. As of last week, cornerback DeAngelo Hall was closest, as he was in second place behind Green Bay cornerback Charles Woodson, who ultimately finished in first place.