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Happy Festivus! Now Let's Air Some Washington D.C. Sports Grievances

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Today is December 23, which is commonly known as the day we celebrate Festivus. Festivus, of course, is the anti-Christmas holiday made popular by an episode of Seinfeld. The holiday calls for an airing of grievances, in which people go around and say all of the things that disappointed them about each other over the years, and a feats of strength, which concludes the holiday as soon as the host of the house is pinned to the ground.


For our purposes, we're going to forget about the Feats of Strength for a second. Instead, let's focus on airing some D.C. sports grievances. Bullets Forever got us started with their annual Wizards grievances thread, so let's extend the concept and start airing some grievances about every other team in town. It's been a pretty eventful and depressing year in D.C. sports, so surely you all have some grievances to air about guys like Albert Haynesworth, Mike Shanahan, Dan Snyder, Donovan McNabb, Gilbert Arenas, Alex Ovechkin, Bruce Boudreau, Flip Saunders, Alexander Semin, Mike Rizzo, Mark Lerner, Nyjer Morgan, Stephen Strasburg (ok, maybe not), Ralph Friedgen, Andray Blatche ... the list goes on and on and on.


So without further ado, let's get those grievances rolling. Air a grievance against anyone involved in D.C. sports in the comments section.