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Poinsettia Bowl 2010: Ronnie Hillman's Big Night Gives San Diego States Convincing 35-14 Victory Over Navy

It was uncertain yesterday whether or not Thursday's Poinsettia Bowl between San Diego State and Navy would take place because of massive flooding in southern California. The flood waters were drained from Qualcomm Stadium in time for the game, but Navy let the floodgates open on them.

Ronnie Hillman scored four touchdowns to lead the Aztecs to a 35-14 victory over the Midshipmen.

Hillman had 28 carries for 228 yards and three rushing touchdowns. The rushing yard total was a Poinsettia Bowl record. Vincent Brown had eight catches for 165 yards for the Aztecs, also a Poinsettia Bowl record.

In his last game, Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs played very well. He completed eight passes for 147 yards with one touchdown and one interception, but he also led the Midshipmen with 107 yards rushing on 24 carries. Dobbs did his best to keep Navy in the game, but the Aztecs' high-powered offense was too much.

The two teams almost split the time of possession; Navy had 29:41, while San Diego State had 30:19. Navy had possession for most of the game, but San Diego State stretched out drives near the end of the game, including an almost seven-minute drive that led to Hillman's fourth touchdown.