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2010 Military Bowl, Maryland Vs. East Carolina: Pirates Get On The Board With Field Goal, Terps Still Up 9-3

The ECU Pirates are finally on the board, thanks to a 37 yard field goal by Michael Barbour

The scoring drive saw quarterback Dominique Davis hit several short gains to his receivers, but the most important play on this drive was a penalty on a 4th down play. The play was ruled an incomplete pass but was nullified by a rouging the passer penalty on Kenny Tate, extending the drive and getting the Pirates into the red zone.there From there, the Terps were able to tighten up, forcing ECU to settle for a field goal.

Maryland will have to control their emotions the rest of the way. This clearly is a physical game and the refs are starting to notice the resentment these two teams have for each other. Because of that, they need to play smart on both sides of the ball, and not play to hurt the guy across from just to make a point.