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2010 Military Bowl, Maryland Vs. East Carolina: Terps Strike Again As D.J Adams Rushes For 2nd TD, Terps Up 23-3

The Terps have started the second half just as fast as they started the first, with a quick touchdown run by D.J. Adams to make the score 23-3 very early in the 3rd quarter.

The Maryland defense continued their stellar day by forcing another ECU turnover, this time an interception by David Mackall who ran the ball all the way back to the ECU 1 yard line, setting up an easy scoring opportunity for the offense. The Terps offense gladly obliged, as D.J Adams scored on a 1 yard touchdown run to extend the lead to 20 points.

With Maryland now up 20 points early in the 2nd half, it will be important for coach Ralph Freidgen to keep the gas pedal down the rest of the way. The ECU offense has potential to strike at any time, so the defense needs to continue to focus and hold down the Pirates on offense. As for Danny O'Brien and company, they must continue to protect the ball and keep the rout going by not sitting on the lead to ensure that Friedgen will be able to leave this game with his head held high.