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2010 Military Bowl, Maryland Vs. East Carolina: ECU Claws Back, Scores To Cut Maryland Lead To 23-10

Just when you thought Maryland was distancing themselves from ECU, the Pirates score a quick touchdown to cut the Maryland lead to 13, and we have a ball game.

The scoring drive was started by an electrifying 36 yard punt return by Dwayne Harris, arguably ECU's most explosive player, to the Maryland 15 yard line. Three plays later, quarterback Dominique Davis lofted a 20 yard pass to receiver Lance Lewis, who barely crossed the plane of the goal line to cut into the Terps lead. 

It was only a matter of time before the Pirates struck, but now that they have, it's key that the Maryland team responds. The last thing Ralph Freidgen wants is to give ECU all the momentum this early in the second half. The Terps will have to r establish the ground game to help control the time of possession and keep the ball away from the explosive ECU offense. As for the defense, even though they gave up the score, they must remember that the have been dominating most of this game and continue to pressure the QB and continue their physical style of play.

This is still very much a competitive game, and the Terps need to keep the pedal down if they want to win.