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North Florida Vs. Maryland: Terrapins Look To Pluck The Ospreys

Virtually all of the press coverage you've seen related to the Maryland Terrapins lately has been tied to the football program, Ralph Friedgen, and his potential replacements. And rightfully so. But there also happens to be a basketball game tonight too.

The North Florida Ospreys will pay a visit to the Comcast Center tonight as the Terrapins take a break from early ACC play.  According to Testudo Times, the Ospreys aren't likely to put up a huge fight.

They've faced a decent number of high-major teams, so they won't be starstruck by Maryland. The closest they've come against any of the Big 6 teams they've faced is a 20-point deficit, against both FSU and Purdue. They've also suffered their fair share of blowouts.

Their most notable stat is TO%, which ranks as the fifth-worst in DI. If Maryland's defense goes high-pressure, which they probably will at some point, you can probably expect a decent number of turnovers to result.

The Osprey's tempo is middle of the road, neither Maryland's breakneck pace nor a Big Ten slog. That should lend itself to a decent score when it's all said and done.

Like many other mid-majors, they lack height. The biggest player is 6-7, which means Jordan Williams should hold a huge advantage over whomever tries to cover him. The double-double streak should again extend itself.

Elsewhere, there's not much to see. This was a decent team last year as far as Atlantic Sun teams go, and they return a solid amount of players, but they're ultimately a run-of-the-mill A-Sun team. No run-of-the-mill A-Sun team should make a serious run at Maryland.

Let's just hope that the Terrapins basketball team isn't as misty eyed over the departure of Ralph Friedgen as I was. Or if they are, let's just hope that they see it as inspiration to pluck some Ospreys.