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Fantasy Football Tips: Start Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw

If you watched the Washington Redskins lose to the Minnesota Vikings last weekend, you probably noticed that Washington had a hard time stopping the Vikings' rushing attack. Well you can bet that the Giants watched that game too, and they probably noticed the same thing.

Whether it was Adrian Peterson or Toby Gerhard carrying the ball, Minnesota was constantly finding success on the ground. Peterson picked up 13.00 fantasy points while playing just a half, and Gerhard earned 14.10 fantasy points, easily his highest total of the season.

Many fantasy owners rushed to pick up Gerhard this week due to Peterson's "game-time decision" status. I wouldn't. I would pick up Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw instead.

Trust that Minnesota's running success was a factor of the Redskins' defensive struggles. The Giants will try to duplicate that today.

New York could run a similar gameplan, using Bradshaw in situations where Peterson found success, and Bradshaw in Gerhard-like bruising fashion.

Either Giants running back should be a good fantasy option for you this week.