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Albert Haynesworth Radio Interview: Haynesworth Denies Hangover Allegations, Calls Team Personnel 'Cowards'

Albert Haynesworth took to the radio to respond to recent allegations that he was hung over during practice on Friday, and in the process, responded to a whole lot more. In an interview with "The Kevin And Rock Show" and Grant Paulsen on 106.7 The Fan, Haynesworth called the story a lie and said team personnel that passed it along are "cowards" and "haters." 

"For these people to make up lies to try to make me look bad, it's ridiculous," Haynesworth said. "They are cowards and if they have something to say, they should come to my face, not run to the media and try to blast me behind my back."

Haynesworth had much more to say about his tenure with the Redskins, his relationship with Mike Shanahan, his reaction to his teammates' strong words at practice today and much, much more. Calling the Redskins' handling of him "ridiculous" and a bunch of "kid games," Haynesworth said that while he was late to practice on Friday, he did not feel he deserved to be singled out like he eas. He closed the interview by saying he won't come in to talk to Shanahan tomorrow and that he will make the Redskins regret it if they do indeed release him.

For a quick summary of the two-part interview, click here and here. You can also listen to the whole interview for yourself by clicking here. We will have much more on the interview in this StoryStream.