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SB Nation Launches 'High School Sports Zoom' For D.C. High School Coverage

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If you haven't noticed, we've dipped our toes into the world of D.C. High School Sports a few times on this site. Jordan Ruby does an excellent job wrapping up the week's high school action in his Varsity News column, which comes out every Friday. But we at SB Nation are really excited today because we're about to expand our high school coverage to even greater heights.


We're excited to announce that we've launched "High School Sports Zoom," our new site devoted to covering D.C. high school sports. The site will focus primarily on prep school coverage at the start, but will be expanding into public school coverage throughout the area. It will be curated by Sandy Murdock, a long-time high school writer in the area, and feature contributions from many, many writers covering specific teams.


Go check out the site here for more.