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Donovan McNabb Has Some Interesting Endorsement Opportunities

Suppose I were to tell you about this article that discusses Donovan McNabb's endorsement opportunities now that he's left that terrible city known as Philadelphia and is in the nation's capital. Suppose I were to block out the entire rest of the article, except for this line.

"Donovan is just getting started," said Andrew Stroth, McNabb's business adviser, "but he wants to win a Super Bowl with the Redskins, partner with corporations committed to serving the community, and work with the Obama administration."    

You'd immediately say, 'Wait a minute, Obama administration? What are you talking about?'

As it turns out, this is what Stroth is talking about.

Elsewhere, McNabb will be the subject of anESPN "Homecoming" feature, as he returns to his native Chicago for a shoot this week. He's likely to be doing local broadcast work in D.C., and since D.C. is the center of the American political universe, McNabb is pursuing opportunities there as well, including discussions with the White House regarding involvement in Michelle Obama's Let's Move youth initiative. McNabb will serve as ambassador for the Redskins' local version of the NFL's Play 60 youth initiative.

So if you were worried that McNabb would be put in charge of national security or something, don't worry. McNabb won't puke during one of those meetings.

(HT: Steinberg).