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When will Stephen Strasburg Make His Major League Debut?

Stephen Strasburg is tearing up the Triple-A circuit like he's owned it for a decade, inevitably leading people to ask when the Nationals' number 1 pick will be in the majors.  The prevailing opinion of the Nationals' blogosphere seems to be sooner (as in, early June), rather than later.

Two different scenarios are emerging that could lead to two different start dates.  As Mark Zuckerman explains, the start date could hinge on whether or not the organization wants to keep Strasburg on his pitching schedule.  Right now, if he sticks to pitching every five days, his next two appearances would both be on the road.  Pushing his May 28th appearance back one day would give Syracuse one last chance to rake in some revenue from Strasburg's presence.

The Nationals Farm Authority has plotted out each scenario and projected when Strasburg will pitch for the next couple of months.  Either way, it looks like you'll see Strasburg in a Nationals uniform during the team's homestand from June 4 - June 10.  You may want to clear some time in your schedule that week.