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Report: Ernie Grunfeld Expected To Return As Wizards GM Next Year

It hasn't been a good two years for Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld, who has gone from savior to goat in the eyes of many Wizards fans. Many expected new owner Ted Leonsis to clean house and get his own guy to move the franchise forward.

However, it appears Leonsis might be leaning in a different direction. The Washington Post's Michael Lee quotes "league sources" that suggest Grunfeld will be around as GM next season.

Although he has made few public comments about the Wizards, Leonsis is expected to retain Grunfeld, according to league sources. Grunfeld has two years left on his contract.    

The last part of that quote is the most important. While firing Grunfeld might appease many fans, it would also mean Leonsis would have to eat a large chunk of money. It's probably financially prudent for Leonsis to keep Grunfeld and emphasize his philosophy to him, rather than pay double to replace him.