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Federal Investigation Reveals Connection Between HGH Supplying Doctor And Unnamed Redskin

Charges were filed in a New York US District Court on Tuesday against Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor who has treated several professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, and PGA.

According to the affidavit, Galea supplied human growth hormone (HGH) to one former and two current NFL players. One of the current NFL players appears to be a Redskin. Via the Washington Post:

A cooperating witness -- Galea's former medical assistant Mary Anne Catalano, her attorney Calvin Barry confirmed -- tipped off authorities to Galea's alleged activities when she was stopped at the U.S.-Canada border last September carrying a variety of substances and medical instruments in her car. She admitted during two days of questioning that she carried Nutropin, a type of human growth hormone; the unapproved drug Actovegin; and a variety of other substances and medications for the planned treatment session with the Washington player, according to the affidavit and Barry.

The affadavit also states that while the player never knowingly received HGH, Galea supplied it to him on August 12 in Washington.

While the Blogosphere will surely point fingers at every conceivable corner of the Redskins locker room, it makes no sense to speculate on the unnamed player until the facts are revealed.

We'll have more updates as this story unfolds.