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Santana Moss Implicated As Client Of HGH Supplying Doctor

According to the Buffalo News, Santana Moss is the Redskin implicated in the case of Dr. Anthony Galea, who allegedly supplied several athletes with HGH.

The good news is that federal prosecutors do not plan on filing charges against any of Galea's clients at this point. Unfortunately, this will do nothing to stop the ensuing media firestorm at Redskins Park over the next few days or weeks as more details emerge about Moss' involvement in this case.  

Right now, Santana is keeping tight lipped about the situation, via the Washington Post:

The Redskins concluded their first set of organized team activities Wednesday at Redskins Park and Moss was asked to address the subject afterward. Moss, who is sitting out much of the Redskins' offseason work so that he can rehabilitate his left knee after minor surgery, said he wouldn't comment on whether he had ever met or been treated by the doctor.

"I'm telling you right now, I'm talking about football," Moss said. "You talk about football. Anything else out of that, no."