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Mark Lerner Takes A Blow To The Head

Hey, if you owned a baseball team, you'd probably do the same thing, right?

Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner has been known to occassionally shag fly balls in the outfield as his team is taking batting practice before the game. It's all in good fun. But never before has it resulted in injury.

The problem with a non-professional catching long fly balls on a nice sunny day in DC is that the sun will sometimes get in your eyes. Reports say that Lerner was wearing a full uniform, but I haven't seen it confirmed anywhere if he was also wearing eye black. The ball struck Lerner in the head. The injury was not considered to be serious, but it was apparently serious enough to require Lerner to get 30 stitches.

I'm all for having our team owners trying to be "one of the guys," but some things are best left to the professionals.

Next headline we might see: "Snyder Drops Back To Pass, Gets Sacked by Haynesworth"