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Washington Mystics Kicking Butt, Even Without Their Best Player

In their mostly nondescript history, the Washington Mystics have mostly been known for hanging those ridiculous attendance champion banners in the Verizon Center. But now, they might actually start to become known for their play. With a 77-61 win over the New York Liberty last Friday, the Mystics are now 3-0 and tearing up the WNBA. 


The best part? They're doing it without their star Alana Beard, who suffered a season-ending ankle injury in the spring. If Bill Simmons cared about the WNBA, he'd be all over the place talking about how this is another victory for his precious Ewing Theory. But he doesn't, so you're going to have to read this SLAM article instead if you're hoping to figure out how the Mystics are getting it done.


Does this hot streak continue? Who knows. But one thing's for sure - the Mystics won't be known for the attendance champion banners anymore.