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Is The A-Train On Its Way To Washington?

Slam! Sports of Canada has reported that Anton Volchenkov, the NHL's preeminent shot-blocking machine, has put his Ottawa house on the market. Which can mean only one thing: the unrestricted free agent is headed to the ... Washington Capitals?

Part of the appeal for Volchenkov — along with a lavish contract and the fact Washington is expected to be a Stanley Cup contender — figures to be that he’d be joining a team that already boasts fellow Russians Alexander Semin, Semyon Varlamov and Ovechkin.

This topic has been debated at our very own Japers' Rink, so it's not necessarily out of the blue. But let me get this equation straight: house on the market + three Russians + Stanley Cup contender + desired enormous salary - any legitimate sources = huge contract with the Washington Capitals?


Ladies and gents, this is why it's called a rumor.