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Morning Commute: Stephen Strasburg Is Human

Everything you need to know about DC Sports in one place.

So Stephen Strasburg is human after all. Oh well. All things considered, I'm shocked it took so long for him to even have an average outing. And yes, last night was average. Two runs in five innings is not awful, it's average. If he throws that "poorly" once every seven starts in the pros, the Nats are in good shape.

My only issue: why only 52 pitches? Maybe there's some sort of pitch limit I don't know about, but I would have liked to see him respond on a night where he clearly didn't have his best stuff. Can he still eat enough innings to take the load off his bullpen? That would have been nice to see.

Regardless, life goes on. Here's what else is going on in the DMV:

Nationals: They were off yesterday so they could get going to San Francisco, where their 10-game road trip begins. SB Nation's Nats blog Federal Baseball takes the time to post their interviews with Drew Storen and Roger Bernandina

Redskins: They had an OTA session yesterday, after which Mike Shanahan was pretty upbeat. Albert Haynesworth, meanwhile, still isn't there, and he's still being criticized all over the place. Here's a plea from a reader of SB Nation's Skins blog Hogs Haven to give him a break. 

Wizards: Still going with John Wall, and still probably thinking about what they do with their other draft picks. One guy who will probably benefit from Wall's presence is JaVale McGee. SB Nation's Wizards blog Bullets Forever evaluates McGee's 2009/10 season here

Capitals: No games, but many of their players, including Alex Ovechkin, are playing in the World Championships. There was some friendly fire when Brooks Laich decked Ovechkin during a Canada-Russia game, causing a brawl. Teammate Seymon Varlamov wasn't thrilled with Laich. Meanwhile, if this is to be believed, Peter Bondra might be back with the organization. 

United: They're preparing for tomorrow's exhibition game against AC Milan at RFK Stadium, and for some reason, Curt Onalfo is still the coach. 

College: Maryland is still looking for a new lacrosse coach after Dave Cottle's resignation, which shocked a number of people inside lacrosse. Georgetown, meanwhile, reportedly lost a Class of 2012 commitment.

Must-read of the day: Mike Wise's story on how Bruce Allen is making a concerted effort to reconnect with past Redskins great. (For more must-reads, scroll left for the DC Starting Lineup).

On tap at SBNation DC: Kyle Weidie's media column, where I'm guessing Wise gets a high grade for his work this week.