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Daniel Snyder Can't Believe Washington Hasn't Hosted A Super Bowl Yet

Later today the NFL will announce the site of the 2014 Super Bowl, and many believe that it will be played at the new Giants' Stadium in New York City. Traditionally, Super Bowls are played in areas with a more temperate climate or a dome, so that potentially inclement weather can not have any affect the early February game.

That's great for New York, and it will probably be a great thing for the league as well. But it also opens the door to other areas of the Country that, because of weather restraints, were thought never to be options to host a Super bowl. I'll give you one guess as to which owner was the first to establish his stadium's candidacy.

Anyone familiar with the way Daniel Snyder does business knows that he couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to make the awarding of a Super Bowl to another city all about himself and his franchise.

Snyder said during a midday break in the meeting, held at a Dallas-area hotel, that Washington should get a Super Bowl, whether or not New York is awarded the 2014 game.

"I think Washington should get one, no matter what," Snyder said. "It is the nation's capital."

Yes Daniel, hosting a Super Bowl in New York City does make it more likely that you will have the opportunity to host one in Washington (host and exploit for profit mean the same thing, right?) But can we please at least wait until they announce New York officially has the Super Bowl until you throw your hat in the ring?