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Channel Surfing Guide: May 25, 2010

No "ifs," "ands" or "buts" - this is how we mandate you spend your evening.


10:15 PM, ET - Nationals @ Giants, MASN 2. Will Livan Hernandez ever return to Earth? Probably, now that I asked.


9:00 PM, ET - Lakers @ Suns, TNT. Los Suns look to even the series; Kobe Bryant looks to continue to be unstoppable.

Men's Soccer

7:30 PM, ET - Czech Republic @ United States, ESPN. Last chance for players on the bubble to impress Coach Bob Bradley.


7:00 PM, ET - "Enemy of the State", FX. Because the ninth time is even better than the first eight.


7:30 PM, ET - "Seinfeld: The Ticket", TBS. Who's got two thumbs and catches every episode featuring Uncle Leo? This guy.