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Rizzo: No Date Has Been Set For Strasburg's Debut

Everyone's pretty much been anticipating that June 4 against the Reds would be Stephen Strasburg's first Major League start. The game is as close to sold out as any Nats game this year, and it's already spurred some great fake Craigslist ads. But is it possible the Nationals hold out Strasburg for longer?

General Manager Mike Rizzo says yes, possibly. According to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, Rizzo has not decided on Strasburg's debut date.

"That hasn't been decided yet, although you did announce that he's pitching on the 4th," Rizzo said. "No, that hasn't been determined yet. There are factors that will be involved when we announce it. And even when we announce it, it's not going to be settled on until after a couple days after he starts his last start in Triple A." 

The "you" in that quote refers to the Washington Post. I guess Mike is a little bitter. But if the Nationals were planning on bringing Strasburg up later, they have some support from SI's Jon Heyman.

not sure where june 4 rumor started. but mid june better guess for strasburg considering 100 big-league IP target.#nats#phenom